1993 Oman

Shanti Philosophy

(Shanti means Peace in Hindi)


Passion for Travel

Through gentle and compassionate treading of the earth, 

may one's perspective of the world widen and become 

more integrated with all. 

I love sharing my passion for travel, not only 

through my snaps and travel notes, but also with passport in hand.

My hope is to be of service to nomads, gypsies and wanderers as a group or individually,

to travel to any locale, resulting in the enrichment of oneself and those encountered.

Be it five-star hoteling or a backpacking adventure, 

learn how to move around the globe  gently, independently and gracefully.

Contact for more travel details.


 Expertise and Experience


     So many people have said how they would love to travel, but fear

doing so on their own. Learn how easy it is to move safely,

inexpensively and independently around the globe. 

     Living abroad for over six years in the Middle East (as an RN) has allowed me to not

only have wonderful cultural experiences, but also to fill my passport with African,

Middle Eastern and South-East Asian stamps. In addition to working abroad, several extended "Travel Sabbaticals" have been taken over the years, building a

well rounded traveler's perspective. 


The Road less Traveled


Travel can be tough, at times grueling, but very rewarding. One has to be

committed to being open, relaxed, and ready to downgrade creature comforts at times,

for a very unconventional, and truly memorable travel experience. Travel doesn't

have to be rough and tough all the time. Upgrades always fill one

with more gratitude en route.